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    Fashion that inspires self-care in many ways

    Check out the latest thong sandals from the brand and get ready to experience a wonderful feeling of well-being with every step.   We love wearing open, fresh, and comfortable shoes, don't...

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    Loafers: the blend of comfy and elegant essence

    These Modare Ultraconforto shoes, also known as moccasins, make your routine easier and ensure you have the perfect fit.   Wearing loafers is like walking on clouds! No wonder this fashion icon...

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  • NEWS FOR YOUR WELL-BEING | 07.06.2024

    Midi Boots: Experience New Wellness Journey

    Get to know the countless benefits of Modare Ultraconforto designs for your look and the health of your feet.    Did someone say boots? We love them! These shoes add the ultimate wellness...

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  • MY MODARE MOMENT | 31.05.2024

    The color that makes you feel good: Peach Fuzz

    This shade offers an experience of self-care, beauty, coziness, and serenity in your daily life.   Colors are capable of positively influencing emotions. This is an extremely valuable piece of...

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  • TECHNOLOGY FOR THE FEET | 24.05.2024

    Well-being and holistic vision on the path to self-care

    The fusion of Modare Ultraconforto shoes, renowned for their comfort, with the holistic approach, brings health and balance to the center of your journey.   It's a fact: holistic - which d...

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  • BEHAVIOR & LIFESTYLE | 17.05.2024

    Bags: protagonists in style and well-being

    In addition to their functional design, the novelties from Modare Ultraconforto adapt to your personal care needs.   It's amazing how essential bags are in our daily lives and add a touch ...

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  • NEWS FOR YOUR WELL-BEING | 10.05.2024

    Your look influenced by emotions

    Express your personality through style, with the launches of the brand as allies that combine a remarkable shine with delicacy in the details.   On social media, women of all ages have been rev...

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  • TECHNOLOGY FOR THE FEET | 03.05.2024

    Find out the power of socks in your daily life!

    In this post, we talk about how this accessory has become so essential, protecting the health of your feet and perfectly complementing Modare Ultraconforto shoes.   Hello, are you alright? We h...

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  • BEHAVIOR & LIFESTYLE | 26.04.2024

    Ballet flats for you to live your best moments

    With an essence of comfort and style, the new shoes from the brand are the perfect choice for your daily life.   If you had to describe the meaning of comfort for your feet in one word, what wo...

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  • NEWS FOR YOUR WELL-BEING | 15.04.2024

    We need to talk about the Western style

    Modare Ultraconforto boots deliver sustainability, urban design for all seasons, and well-being while walking.   Heart-warming moment of truth: women's fashion brings that feeling of inclu...

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  • TECHNOLOGY FOR THE FEET | 12.04.2024

    You deserve to shine on your wellness journey

    Metallic minimalism dialogues with all everyday looks and is a perfect ally of Modare Ultraconforto technologies that take care of your walking.   Have you heard about the aesthetic that has co...

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  • MY MODARE MOMENT | 05.04.2024

    Intuitive foot care

    Check out the shoes from the brand that enhance your well-being and provide adequate support for your walking.   Want to know what Modare Ultraconforto sports shoes, thong sandals, and sporty s...

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  • NEWS FOR YOUR WELL-BEING | 29.03.2024

    The shade that welcomes conscious fashion

    Wine, also known as burgundy, plays a leading role in the launches of Modare Ultraconforto, bringing maximum elegance and versatility to your looks.   When it comes to choosing clothes and sho...

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  • BEHAVIOR & LIFESTYLE | 22.03.2024

    The natural charm of the camel tone

    When we connect with nature, or with fashion that represents this experience, we prioritize our well-being and feel happier.   Do you know that relaxation we deserve on a daily basis? You can f...

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  • NEWS FOR YOUR WELL-BEING | 15.03.2024

    Gold-level comfort and style!

    Versatile and with a touch of sophistication, the gold launches from Modare Ultraconforto are the best choice for your well-being and here we will show you why.   There are many reasons for yo...

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  • TECHNOLOGY FOR THE FEET | 08.03.2024

    Women and the Environment: a Very Valuable Connection!

    In addition to sustainability, the focus of Modare Ultraconforto is to deliver footwear that aligns wellness technologies and care with the health of your feet.   The influence of women in dial...

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  • MY MODARE MOMENT | 01.03.2024

    Your well-being at a Maxxi level

    This feature of the brand is now a novelty in the insoles of the new loafers and slippers, giving your feet a cozy feeling all day long.     In the Modare Ultraconforto universe, #Maxxi i...

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  • NEWS FOR YOUR WELL-BEING | 23.02.2024

    How about a trend that blends well-being and nostalgia?

    The wedge sneakers have arrived in full force in the Modare Ultraconforto portfolio to add extra inches to your look.   Have you heard of the novelty? Wedge sneakers are back and they deliver t...

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  • BEHAVIOR & LIFESTYLE | 16.02.2024

    Feeling & Sensation: Intuitive Well-Being

    This feminine skill comes into play to improve your lifestyle.   We women, who are intuitive (we know when a strong feeling or perception arises in relation to something or a situation, don...

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  • NEWS FOR YOUR WELL-BEING | 09.02.2024

    Thong sandals: pure well-being, maximum style

    Also known as flip-flops, the brand has unmissable launches to accompany you on the beach, supermarket, work, leisure... Wherever you want.   From the catwalks to street style, through social n...

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  • TECHNOLOGY FOR THE FEET | 02.02.2024

    Take care of yourself with Modare Ultraconforto

    Count on Dry Tech technology to get on board with one of this year's top wellness trends.   Modare Ultraconforto has always understood that daily body care is both a pleasant and accessibl...

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  • MY MODARE MOMENT | 26.01.2024

    She arrived curious and walked out in love with the anatomical insole!

    Taking care of yourself also includes paying the utmost attention to your feet and your posture.   It's summer and Modare Ultraconforto wants to know: how is the health of your feet? There...

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  • NEWS FOR YOUR WELL-BEING | 19.01.2024

    Sporty Sandals: surround yourself with this amazing feeling of well-being

    Modare Ultraconforto designs combine comfy fashion with a very retro and highly versatile style.   Stop everything! You have just entered the world of sporty sandals. No, it's not a prank....

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  • NEWS FOR YOUR WELL-BEING | 12.01.2024

    The freshness you deserve every day!

    Welcome 2024! Get to know the Modare Ultraconforto shoes that reveal a sophisticated design to embellish and energize your year.   Self-expression and natural essence! These are the two keywor...

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  • BEHAVIOR & LIFESTYLE | 05.01.2024

    Time to embrace a new concept of self-care

    Welcome 2024! The selection of Modare Ultraconforto reveals great ideas for you to start (or reinvent) this journey of love for yourself.   Looking to bring new inspiration to your wellness rou...

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  • NEWS FOR YOUR WELL-BEING | 29.12.2023

    Well-being on the list of end-of-year celebrations

    And there are also tips on how to start 2024 in tune with your self-care.   End-of-year events are great opportunities to reinvent ourselves. After all, these occasions are the perfect chance f...

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  • TECHNOLOGY FOR THE FEET | 22.12.2023

    Green light for conscious styling

    Get to know the shoes that reveal the perfect combination of wellness technologies and the beauty of sage green.   Ohhh, summer! As temperatures rise, all we want to do is wear refreshing outfi...

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  • MY MODARE MOMENT | 15.12.2023

    The color of 2024 combined with Modare Ultraconforto

    From outfits to self-care, next year will be dominated by Peach Fuzz and variations of this shade for you to elevate your comfy style and wellness routine.   Peach Fuzz (a color that looks some...

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  • NEWS FOR YOUR WELL-BEING | 08.12.2023

    White is always the color of the day!

    Inspiring practicality in women's closets, the color is the highlight of the launches of the brand.   In the search for a conscious style, the selection of shades of clothing and footwear ...

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  • NEWS FOR YOUR WELL-BEING | 01.12.2023

    The Fashion and Style of Natural Aesthetics

    Contemporary, engaged, and elegant, Modare Ultraconforto launches are the perfect choice for every moment.   The season of hot days is here and prioritizes light and practical productions. And ...

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  • TECHNOLOGY FOR THE FEET | 24.11.2023

    7 Benefits of Foot Massage

    In the company of Reflex Sense technology, this practice is perfect for achieving a high state of well-being.   You've probably heard that the organs of our body are represented by certain...

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  • MY MODARE MOMENT | 17.11.2023

    Daily doses of beauty and well-being

    Have you heard of beauty snacking? Check out today's post to understand this trend that promotes a lot of self-care in your daily life!   Modare Ultraconforto has a super self-care tip to ...

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  • NEWS FOR YOUR WELL-BEING | 10.11.2023

    Give your heels plenty of attention and care

    The protective foam is one of the unmissable and special comfort features that Modare Ultraconforto dedicates to this very sensitive area of the feet.   Extending your self-care routine to pay ...

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  • BEHAVIOR & LIFESTYLE | 03.11.2023

    Choices worth their weight in gold!

    With Modare Ultraconforto, you get in tune with the golden inspiration that always ensures elegant outfits.   The metallic gold version is considered a true trump card of style when the goal i...

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  • MY MODARE MOMENT | 27.10.2023

    All the flair of conscious fashion

    With Modare Ultraconforto, you can transform your look with purpose, engaging your preferences in a wellness routine.   Conscious style is about self-care and well-being since the way we dress ...

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  • TECHNOLOGY FOR THE FEET | 20.10.2023

    Maxxi Care, the new technology Modare Ultraconforto

    The novelty has an exclusive formula that offers much more well-being, balance, and stability while walking.   The topic of today's post is about a launch dedicated especially to you: Maxx...

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  • MY MODARE MOMENT | 13.10.2023

    Pink: the shade that inspires self-care

    This is an invitation for you to embrace the serenity of life and prioritize your well-being.   Pink is a color associated with femininity and delicacy. When added to your self-care routine, o...

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  • NEWS FOR YOUR WELL-BEING | 06.10.2023

    Minimalist fashion and neutral shades are the trend!

    With Modare Ultraconforto, you choose to prioritize looks that prize the subtlety of details and a lot of comfort.   Do you want to adhere to conscious consumption and prioritize timeless and ...

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  • TECHNOLOGY FOR THE FEET | 29.09.2023

    Modare Ultraconforto: design inspired by smart style and love for life

    It's always time to enjoy the benefits of the comfort features of the brand and give your personal style a divine boost.   Smart clothing incorporates technology and ensures more dynamism ...

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  • MY MODARE MOMENT | 22.09.2023

    Pieces that put a smile on your face

    How style influences your emotions and self-care. After all, what we wear has a significant impact on our mental and emotional well-being.   At some point in your day, you may have stopped in f...

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  • BEHAVIOR & LIFESTYLE | 15.09.2023

    Here comes the sun!

    And the right time for you to dress in vitality and joy with Modare Ultraconforto.   And the effect is immediate! Sunny tones are associated with (good!) energy and at the same time inject high...

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  • NEWS FOR YOUR WELL-BEING | 08.09.2023

    Dry Tech insole: the care your feet deserve on a daily basis

    Get to know the products from Modare Ultraconforto that are perfect for your wellness routine.   You may have heard (and been interested) about the benefits of going to the podiatrist. A profes...

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  • TECHNOLOGY FOR THE FEET | 01.09.2023

    Gel Tech: technology allied to the well-being of pregnant women

    The brand's shoes with this comfort feature were designed to relieve pressure on the heel area.   During pregnancy, the mother-to-be's body goes through countless changes. Feet and an...

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  • BEHAVIOR & LIFESTYLE | 25.08.2023

    A desire for more freedom in life and in fashion!

    And Modare Ultraconforto praises natural beauty combined with feminine comfort.   In recent years, women of different ages have prioritized a lifestyle that is "closer to reality". In other wor...

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  • MY MODARE MOMENT | 18.08.2023

    Natural style: be yourself and elevate your well-being

    From makeup to everyday outfits, the natural look gives women the freedom to experience many different moments.   Have you ever heard of #NaturalLook? This is one of the hashtags that celebrate...

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  • NEWS FOR YOUR WELL-BEING | 11.08.2023

    Say yes to sneakers with Reflex Sense technology

    Check out the unmissable launches from Modare Ultraconforto to elevate your comfy fashion.   Sneakers are a key piece for the closet of absolutely all women (at any age) and at all times. In a...

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  • TECHNOLOGY FOR THE FEET | 04.08.2023

    10 reasons why you should include quilting in your style

    One of the most sought-after looks by women is in Modare Ultraconforto shoes and bags, delivering the ultimate in well-being.   The quilted pattern is one of the most mentioned details when we...

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  • MY MODARE MOMENT | 28.07.2023

    Get on board a journey to strengthen your confidence and self-love

    Improving the way how you perceive yourself can bring more happiness to your life.   International Self-Care Day is celebrated on July 24th and Modare Ultraconforto is here to invite you to sta...

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  • BEHAVIOR & LIFESTYLE | 21.07.2023

    Menopause and the importance of shoes

    The shoes with elastic from Modare Ultraconforto are synonymous with self-care, that you can take care of your personal style and, at the same time, the health of your feet.   Menopause brings ...

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  • NEWS FOR YOUR WELL-BEING | 14.07.2023

    Ankle boots: must-haves in any season

    Modare Ultraconforto has prepared novelties for you to reinvigorate your look!   The ankle boots (the shaft is adjusted with the height of the ankle bone) work for any look from January to Dece...

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  • TECHNOLOGY FOR THE FEET | 07.07.2023

    Os modelos da Modare Ultraconforto promovem leveza e comodidade ao seu caminhar. A Modare Ultraconforto sempre inova nas coleções e nunca se esquece de incluir atributos de conforto excepcionais para imprimir mais bem-estar na rotina feminina. E, hoje, a

    Os modelos da Modare Ultraconforto promovem leveza e comodidade ao seu caminhar.   A Modare Ultraconforto sempre inova nas coleções e nunca se esquece de incluir atributos de conf...

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  • BEHAVIOR & LIFESTYLE | 30.06.2023

    5 Love Languages for Your Comfy Fashion

    With Modare Ultraconforto, you expand this love into every look of the day.   You can ask your best friend: talking about love languages and taking online tests has been part of the current beh...

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  • MY MODARE MOMENT | 23.06.2023

    Cherish your little moments accompanied by sage green

    These moments bring us closer to positive emotions, such as compassion and harmony.   What pops into your mind when the subject " little moments" comes up? Modare Ultraconforto has an answer th...

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  • BEHAVIOR & LIFESTYLE | 16.06.2023

    Earthy tones: nature is a pure influence on comfy fashion and lifestyle

    Be aware: this chromatic palette provides more coziness in the daily routine.   One of the focuses of contemporary feminine behavior is the preference for a comfy lifestyle. So much so that thi...

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  • MY MODARE MOMENT | 09.06.2023

    Self-care practices for different areas of your life

    Modare Ultraconforto agrees: taking care of yourself is essential for a healthier routine.   Taking positive initiatives to take care of the body and mind is important to decrease anxiety, tens...

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  • TECHNOLOGY FOR THE FEET | 02.06.2023

    Knit shoes: a light and cozy experience

    The shoes from Modare Ultraconforto featuring knit have a contemporary and functional design.   Modare Ultraconforto, which, through its products, brings to life the main trends of conscious st...

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  • NEWS FOR YOUR WELL-BEING | 26.05.2023

    Wine, the new shade of Modare Ultraconforto

    The focal point you need to create impeccable looks is here!   Strong colors (known as bold colors) are versatile and easy to apply to looks. We mention this because a new shade that is pure ro...

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  • NEWS FOR YOUR WELL-BEING | 19.05.2023

    Modare Ultraconforto will tell you: neutral tones are incredible!

    And the launches of the brand prove how elegant and conscious this chromatic palette is.   Neutral tones, such as white, beige, and cream, are considered sustainable, did you know? The reasons:...

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  • TECHNOLOGY FOR THE FEET | 12.05.2023

    Elevate your well-being with Modare Ultraconforto technologies

    It is always time for you to invest in footwear that puts the health of your feet first.   Nowadays, the complete wellness experience is made of technology and sensoriality. Both have become es...

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  • BEHAVIOR & LIFESTYLE | 05.05.2023

    Comfy fashion made by women and for women

    To face the day-to-day, nothing better than to count on what makes you feel good, right? When it comes to comfortable fashion, women rock! Clothes and shoes are chosen to express who we are and to fe...

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  • MY MODARE MOMENT | 28.04.2023

    Discover a new sensory experience with Modare Ultraconforto

    Come and learn more about "forest bathing", a practice totally in favor of your self-care.   It is common for us to retire when the sun is not rising on the horizon and notice how much our sens...

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  • NEWS FOR YOUR WELL-BEING | 21.04.2023

    You deserve a complete wellness experience

    And Modare Ultraconforto has perfect products for that!   # Poll: How is your wellness experience going? Do you set aside a little time for self-care? Do you go for walks around the neighborhoo...

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  • TECHNOLOGY FOR THE FEET | 14.04.2023

    New comfort features that you need to try!

    The technologies featured in the Modare Ultraconforto line of socks are one of them. And the other one we reveal in this post. We have novelties for women who love to feel the benefits of Modare Ultr...

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  • BEHAVIOR & LIFESTYLE | 06.04.2023

    Flats: more than essential items for women\'s closet

    Modare Ultraconforto designs (and a great favorite among consumers) provide freedom of movement, safety when walking, and are a key item for any outfit.   It is common for our feet to change t...

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  • MY MODARE MOMENT | 31.03.2023

    Maximize self-care in your routine, including those who have bunions

    Check out the incredible tips from Modare Ultraconforto that will promote an upgrade in your well-being.   Many women have the doubt: what are the causes of bunions? They can be hereditary (due...

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  • NEWS FOR YOUR WELL-BEING | 24.03.2023

    3 reasons for you to have one (or all) pairs of slip-ons to call your own

    Modare Ultraconforto also shares the designs that are waiting for you in stores!   Sports shoes with no shoelaces are a favorite that we don't live without, do we? Reasons? Oh, there are p...

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  • NEWS FOR YOUR WELL-BEING | 17.03.2023

    Beige and white, the neutrals of the moment!

    Modare Ultraconforto presents novelties that combine conscious style, comfort and great well-being.   For women, it is always time to invest in quality footwear. Even better if the purchase inv...

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  • BEHAVIOR & LIFESTYLE | 10.03.2023

    Sustainable closet: stylish functionality

    When reorganizing (or organizing) your clothes, consider the importance of shoes with a timeless design and that encourage comfort in the right measure.   Carnaval is over and you must have mad...

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  • MY MODARE MOMENT | 03.03.2023

    3 accessible activities that stimulate well-being

    You can start the process of regaining your personal space and re-energizing yourself right now.   You may have heard the word burnout somewhere before, right? It is often mentioned to explain ...

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  • TECHNOLOGY FOR THE FEET | 24.02.2023

    A new (and amazing) style and wellness routine

    Get to know biofeedback, an experience that promotes subtle changes so that you regain the connection between mind and body.   Have you heard of biofeedback? We tell you: it is a method that ai...

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  • TECHNOLOGY FOR THE FEET | 17.02.2023

    Sportswear and comfort attributes: the essential duo for style

    Modare Ultraconforto has special technologies that take care of the health of your feet and designs prepared to beautify your looks.   Self-care is becoming more and more essential for everyone...

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  • BEHAVIOR & LIFESTYLE | 10.02.2023

    Looking forward to changing your lifestyle and don\'t know how to start?

    Fear not! Change makes room for the new and Modare Ultraconforto shows you how to embrace this wonderful process.   "I want to change" is a statement that guides the desire to achieve a better ...

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  • MY MODARE MOMENT | 03.02.2023

    Renew your self-care routine this summer

    With the sunny days rising, do you want a better time to stay close to what's good for you?   Modare Ultraconforto loves to talk about self-care, a routine that inspires all women to take ...

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  • NEWS FOR YOUR WELL-BEING | 27.01.2023

    Magenta color: beauty that uplifts our senses

    Learn a little more about the power and the message that the most celebrated shade of the season conveys, and that is now part of the permanent lines of Modare Ultraconforto.   A must-see nove...

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  • BEHAVIOR & LIFESTYLE | 20.01.2023

    Brighten up your look by wearing violet, orange, and gold

    This is a perfect trio for you who loves intense and timeless colors.   In fashion, décor, or design, colors reveal meaning, representing a collective desire or motivating our high spiri...

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  • TECHNOLOGY FOR THE FEET | 13.01.2023

    3 comfort attributes to start 2023 taking care of your feet

    Let's agree that technologies and cozy finishes are fundamental for a comfy style!   A new year has a special flavor! Especially when we talk about reorganizing our closet, to make it sust...

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  • MY MODARE MOMENT | 06.01.2023

    Art as therapy for you to take care of your mental health

    Did you know that art can be an ally to take care of your mental health? And what's best, you don't need any previous experience to get started.   According to Pinterest Predicts (a r...

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  • BEHAVIOR & LIFESTYLE | 05.01.2023

    Time to embrace a new concept of self-care

    Welcome 2024! The selection of Modare Ultraconforto reveals great ideas for you to start (or reinvent) this journey of love for yourself.   Looking to bring new inspiration to your wellness rou...

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  • NEWS FOR YOUR WELL-BEING | 30.12.2022

    How about a touch of coral in the look of the day?

    The novelties from Modare Ultraconforto employ this powerful color that positively transforms any look.   Coral is a perfect shade for those who are prepared to leave their comfort zone or star...

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  • BEHAVIOR & LIFESTYLE | 23.12.2022

    Need inspiration to get to know new colors?

    Spoiler: the orange, the new shade of Modare Ultraconforto, is a tip for those who want a lifestyle with more warmth and happiness.   If you are connected to the world of visual arts (cinema, d...

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  • NEWS FOR YOUR WELL-BEING | 16.12.2022

    Comfy Fashion 2023: three trends that will make all the difference in your life!

    As a matter of fact, they have a great dialog with Modare Ultraconforto's launches that are waiting for you in online and physical stores all over Brazil.   Another year is gone and it is ...

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  • TECHNOLOGY FOR THE FEET | 09.12.2022

    "Sensorial joy": sensorial reach is with Modare Ultraconforto

    The term has been applied given the search for products that enhance our senses and that value well-being.   Nowadays, it is increasingly common for women to seek comfort attributes and technol...

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  • MY MODARE MOMENT | 02.12.2022

    It\'s right up your ally: travel with self-care in mind

    It's a chance that is becoming more and more common to make the most of wellness-filled days off.   Self-care has several benefits, from restoring calm and releasing stress to having a ric...

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  • BEHAVIOR & LIFESTYLE | 25.11.2022

    Slow living: to live better, with intent and well-being!

    Remember: this lifestyle is shaped by your vision of the world and of yourself.   Slow living is a movement that aims at meaningful and conscious living, aligned with what you value most. Many ...

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  • MY MODARE MOMENT | 11.11.2022

    Enjoy the best of every moment with well-being

     Modare Ultraconforto offers a range of benefits with its incredible comfort technologies, which are allies in every situation   We know how routine is made of countless activities and tha...

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  • MY MODARE MOMENT | 04.11.2022

    Learn how to have healthier feet on hot days

    When the temperature rises, some daily care, such as choosing light and comfortable shoes, contribute to the health of your feet According to Google Trends, the wellness sector has been presenting hi...

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  • BEHAVIOR & LIFESTYLE | 28.10.2022

    Utilitarian Fashion: a trend for you to always wear

    Comfort, sophistication, and functionality are the key to this look, and Modare Ultraconforto presents you with everything about this fashion. Utilitarian fashion is one of the trends that are most i...

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  • NEWS FOR YOUR WELL-BEING | 27.10.2022

    The new must-haves of style and well-being

    Modare Ultraconforto has prepared a special selection of versatile and cozy products for your routine.  It is a fact: a new consumer behavior is in evidence, in which people are prioritizing iss...

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  • MY MODARE MOMENT | 19.10.2022

    And find your ideal skin tone

     Modare Ultraconforto presents here some information to help you demystify what nude is. Let's find out together?   Do you know what your skin tone is? No? That's ok, after all, ...

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  • NEWS FOR YOUR WELL-BEING | 10.10.2022

    Orange and denim: colors that awaken positive emotions

    The shades, present in the Modare Ultraconforto collection, are synonymous with well-being. Stay with us and find out the benefits of this incredible chromatic palette!   Our way of being and c...

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  • MY MODARE MOMENT | 30.09.2022

    Pink October: the importance of breast cancer prevention

    A campaign with international reach that aims to warn about early diagnosis.   The month of October is dedicated to the fight against and prevention of breast cancer. Named globally as Pink Oc...

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  • MY MODARE MOMENT | 23.09.2022

    Allied techniques for your up-to-date well-being

    Modare Ultraconforto has selected some tips that ensure several benefits to the body.    Starting your routine with recharged energy and a clear mind is essential for a more active day-by-...

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  • MY MODARE MOMENT | 05.09.2022

    Simplicity is in the appreciation of little things

    Modare Ultraconforto understands like no one else how much women want to add more joy in all areas of life! "Luxury is having at home what makes you happy”. The quote is from Isay Weinfeld, a r...

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  • BEHAVIOR & LIFESTYLE | 23.08.2022

    Lets talk about good mood

    A good mood reflects positively on our physical, mental, and emotional state. You may have heard that "laughter is the best medicine," but is this really true? Despite moments of good humor, boredom ...

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  • NEWS FOR YOUR WELL-BEING | 15.08.2022

    New bags: what is beautiful must be shared!

    The new releases provide comfort with a refined and special finish to ensure your well-being.  Without doubts, it is a fashion creation that can be compared to art and appreciated not only in ex...

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  • TECHNOLOGY FOR THE FEET | 29.07.2022

    Brown is the new black

    Neutral shades prove that they are above any imposition of fashion by integrating a palette that colors with affection.  If in the past brown did not figure among the shades of the time, this is...

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  • | 22.07.2022

    The future starts today: come and wear this idea!

    It's always time to recalculate the path and bet on what makes you happy. When was the first time you experienced a new sensation? Simple attitudes can make all the difference and have a rewardi...

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  • NEWS FOR YOUR WELL-BEING | 15.07.2022

    Light and fascinating: Shoes in neutral shades

    They dominate looks every season and offer an experience of pure coziness. Neutral shades took long to become a feminine preference, especially in the cold seasons. A long time ago, you may have avoi...

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  • MY MODARE MOMENT | 06.07.2022

    Enjoy todays best company: you!

    Being with friends is wonderful, but enjoying moments alone is freedom. It is possible to be happy alone yes! As much as it is great to share occasions very well accompanied, whether with friends or ...

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  • TECHNOLOGY FOR THE FEET | 24.06.2022

    Comfort features to enhance your well-being!

    The Modare Ultraconforto collection has an ideal option for you to take care of yourself on a daily basis. In several cultures, and over time, clothing and footwear have been modified and acquired un...

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  • | 17.06.2022

    Sustainable ways of thinking about fashion!

    The five R's are a rising trend to raise awareness for everybody. It has been a while since a behavior has been growing in the fashion world: conscious consumption. Globally, people are more awa...

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  • NEWS FOR YOUR WELL-BEING | 03.06.2022

    The favorite ones Modare Ultraconforto

    Unmissable launches for those looking for a new favorite shoe. Shoes, just like clothes, must be comfortable and match the personality of every woman, do you agree? In addition, they need to have the...

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  • TECHNOLOGY FOR THE FEET | 23.05.2022

    Which footwear and technology would you like today?

    Modare Ultraconforto highlights incredible shoes to enjoy life with the utmost well-being. The fear of any woman is to have her feet hurting at the end of her workday, isn't it? Well, today this...

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  • MY MODARE MOMENT | 12.05.2022

    Utilitarian fashion: more affection in your closet!

    That trend encourages a new look at what you wear with a greater focus on self-care. Utilitarian fashion reinvents itself every season, and the concept is to prize comfort and style, essential for pu...

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  • NEWS FOR YOUR WELL-BEING | 06.05.2022

    Choose your new Modare Ultraconforto bag!

    Spoiler: you will have one to call your own on your next outing with your friends.   One of the symbols of women's empowerment, the bag fulfills essential functions in women's fashion...

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  • NEWS FOR YOUR WELL-BEING | 14.04.2022

    Neutral tones are a trend and make up incredible looks

    And shoes as well, of course, and Modare Ultraconforto has the latest updates! Every woman connected with contemporary fashion knows that colors have the power to make any outfit more elegant and che...

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  • MY MODARE MOMENT | 04.04.2022

    Start your self-care routine with small habits

    Having a little time dedicated only to yourself is something very necessary for your health. It is practically consensus that 2021 was a tiring and stressful year. With the beginning of the new year,...

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  • NEWS FOR YOUR WELL-BEING | 21.03.2022

    Handbags also have a story to tell!

    And the innovations from Modare Ultraconforto are ready to star in your look.Fashion is a cultural expression and has long ceased to be a universe only focused on consumption. Since it is possible to ...

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  • | 17.03.2022

    Get inspired by the daisy print!

    The trend translates the contact with nature and self-love. The floral has never left us and has been around in all seasons for a long time, especially in the summer. Among the variety of available p...

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  • TECHNOLOGY FOR THE FEET | 25.02.2022

    Streetcare: the trend that benefits sensoriality and well-being

    Know that comfort, technology and quality of life are fully interconnected! Have you heard of streetcare? We tell you: this is one of the biggest trends this year, since the sensory experience is now...

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  • NEWS FOR YOUR WELL-BEING | 16.02.2022

    Need a new shoe that aligns comfort and style?

    We present the releases that meet these and other demands! Contemporary needs point out: comfort has become a priority in various aspects of the female routine, along with technologies that keep the ...

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  • | 14.02.2022

    Concern for the environment is fashionable

    Dressing in ultra comfort and in a sustainable way is already part of women's agenda. Have you ever heard of sustainable fashion? The awareness about preserving the planet has made what was once...

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  • | 14.02.2022

    Attitude of doing good: get to know sustainable tourism

    Organizing the next trip, in a conscious way, is good for everyone! Have you ever heard of sustainable tourism? The term has been defined by the United Nations Environment Programme and the UN World...

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  • TECHNOLOGY FOR THE FEET | 07.02.2022

    Comfort attributes and sensoriality are 2022 trends

    In the future, women will continue to adhere products that unite these factors along with functionality. The consumption behavior among women signaled a change that has come to stay: sensoriality, pr...

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  • MY MODARE MOMENT | 24.01.2022

    Want to know the hue that will represent 2022?

    Every year, Pantone decides what the color of the future will be and it is called Very Peri.Understanding the psychology of colors is one of the passions of Modare Ultraconforto, did you know it? Prec...

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  • NEWS FOR YOUR WELL-BEING | 21.01.2022

    Fashion comfort: right choices for foot health

    Modare Ultraconforto presents the novelties to keep the look and self-care up to date. Shoes are able to influence posture and even our health, did you know it? For this reason, investing in comforta...

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  • TECHNOLOGY FOR THE FEET | 07.01.2022

    Modare Ultraconforto presents: Reflex Sense technology

    It makes all the difference in the female routine by providing prolonged feelings of well-being. If you follow Modare Ultraconforto, you should know that we have unique and developed technologies to ...

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  • TECHNOLOGY FOR THE FEET | 06.12.2021

    3 technologies for an engaging daily wellness experience!

    Here in this post, we zoom in the universe of comfort of the brand, with products that bring together style and a lot of convenience in your day to day. 1 - Sandal with comfort point The EVA comfort...

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  • NEWS FOR YOUR WELL-BEING | 02.12.2021

    Nature is the big protagonist in Modare Ultraconforto\'s new campaign

    The brand encourages an energizing life, also motivated by the adoption of healthier consumer behaviors. In its new campaign, Modare Ultraconforto has as its motto a more natural life, in tune with t...

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  • | 29.11.2021

    Re-signifying materials, in a sustainable way, is with Modare Ultraconforto!

    The brand's new models bring more meaning to your day, with flexibility and protecting the environment. According to the website Energy Watch, Generation Z is the one who will continue to pave a...

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  • NEWS FOR YOUR WELL-BEING | 25.11.2021

    A new season of well-being and style!

    The novelties that the brand has reserved for hot days come accompanied by an incredible experience of sensoriality for the feet. The season of warm days is coming up, and with it, Modare Ultraconfor...

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  • | 23.11.2021

    Practices to start your sustainable wardrobe

    And they're super-easy so you can start getting involved with longer-lasting clothes and shoes right now. Who else remembers the time when one of the rules of the female dress code was not to re...

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  • NEWS FOR YOUR WELL-BEING | 14.10.2021

    Did you know that Modare Ultraconforto has a line of handbags?

    And we present special models, with versatile shades and functional designs! You can't go out without a purse! Over the years, the accessory has become full of details, draws attention by the c...

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  • MY MODARE MOMENT | 04.10.2021

    Modare Ultraconforto has ed tips for a good night\'s sleep!

    Reminder: sleep plays a vital role in our well-being and throughout our lives. It's probably nothing new for you to hear that getting the right amount of sleep helps protect and renew your menta...

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  • NEWS FOR YOUR WELL-BEING | 20.07.2021

    New releases to go with various looks (and skin tones)!

    Modare Ultraconforto's favorite shoes arrive in coral, mustard, and white, the colors of the moment and bringing more freshness to the everyday looks. The chromatic palette of neutrals has its w...

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  • MY MODARE MOMENT | 26.05.2021

    8 tips for you to take care of your feet daily

    Come with us to discover methods that will make all the difference in your well-being! There are those who believe that the feet don't need the same priority compared to other body parts, such a...

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  • | 23.04.2021

    Sensoriality makes all the difference in comfy fashion!

    Yes, it is possible to find well-being in every piece and footwear that you decide to have for life. The routine of choosing in advance what to wear has become an essential item on many women's ...

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  • MY MODARE MOMENT | 23.04.2021

    How to apply chromotherapy to the look and achieve a healthier style

      Complementary therapy, which brings several health benefits, can be easily applied to your daily looks. Have you ever heard of chromotherapy? It is a therapy that uses colors as tools in th...

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  • TECHNOLOGY FOR THE FEET | 23.04.2021

    Tips for you to recognize the best fit for shoes

    Know that this attention is also a way to take care of the health and well-being of the feet. You already know that Modare Ultaconforto values the well-being of the feet, especially through technolog...

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  • | 22.04.2021

    Knit pieces: the items that complement your sustainable fashion

    The mesh represents the desire to prolong the feeling of comfort in all seasons. The knit (known as knitting) has returned due to the boom of loungewear, a functional style worn at home that coordina...

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  • NEWS FOR YOUR WELL-BEING | 16.04.2021

    Comfort is fashionable!

    Check here the details in the shoes that are trending and that are allies of your well-being. The healthiest lifestyle is in evidence, including in the women's dress code. Fact proven by the rec...

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  • MY MODARE MOMENT | 05.04.2021

    Self-care: a wellness practice for you to include in your daily routine

    Small attitudes in everyday life contribute to a healthy and more positive life. What is self-care? Self-care is related to habits that aim at our well-being, in tune with the body, mind, emotions...

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  • | 30.03.2021

    3 ideas for a smart closet

    In this post, you finnd out how to transition looks from summer to fall quickly and increasing the range of your clothes and shoes. Fall has arrived, and at this time, temperature variations are very...

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  • | 29.03.2021

    Coherent fashion: the influence of earthy tones

    Stay within this super-versatile color chart that escapes seasonality. You may have already seen earthy tones applied to your favorite influencer's feed or even on Modare Ultraconforto's. I...

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  • TECHNOLOGY FOR THE FEET | 23.03.2021

    Reflexology for foot care

    Here is the complementary therapy that does very well for your health and your well-being. Reflexology is a complementary therapy that can be performed on the feet in order to alleviate discomfort. A...

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